Friday, 21 November 2014

Let's talk about “Giallo”!

Stefano Tura in conversation
with Maurizio De Giovanni

Italian Cultural Institute
39 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8NX

Crime fiction is all the rage, seemingly immune to crisis and recession, and gaining new readers every day.
Camilleri’s  Commissario Montalbano to mention just one, is now a household name on both sides of the Atlantic, with the eponymous TV series commanding peak audiences at every re-run….it’s even credited with a boost to tourism in Sicily!  Crime writers Maurizio De Giovanni and Stefano Tura will talk about the enduring success of this literary genre.
Stefano Tura,  journalist and writer, is London correspondent for RAI TV since 2006.
After several years working for RAI as a reporter on current affairs in Italy, in 1999 he became a war correspondent from Kosovo, then Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan.
He has written several thrillers, including Il killer delle ballerine, set in his home region of Emilia Romagna, Non spegnere la luceArriveranno I fiori del sangue (set in war-torn Kosovo), Delitti per le feste. He has also recounted his experiences in Afghanistan in Le caramelle di Super Osama – Viaggio a Kandahar di un inviato di Guerra. His latest book is Tu sei il prossimo (published by Fazi Editore).

Maurizio De Giovanni lives and works in Naples. In 2005, he won a writing competition for unpublished authors with a short story set in the thirties and featuring Commissario Ricciardi, which was then turned into the first novel of the series. The Crocodile, another best-seller, marks the beginning of a new crime-series set in present-day Naples and featuring Inspector Lojacono.  His books have been successfully translated into French, Spanish and German, and are now available in English for the first time, published by Europa Editions. A television series is under way in Italy. 


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