Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Michael Connelly on Season 2 of "Bosch"

For Season 2 of Amazon Prime’s Bosch, expect tough LAPD detective Harry Bosch to come out his shell. The series will kick off with Bosch heading to Las Vegas after discovering a body in a car trunk on Mulholland Drive. Essentially, the mob did it.

“In the first season, we were consumed with an interior guy, but in Season 2 we get him to breath a little bit,” said the character’s novelist and show’s co-creator Michael Connelly.
“The show will take you through a number of issues impacting society today including police corruption and domestic terrorism,” added Connelly who says that his Bosch novel Trunk Music remains the backbone to the streaming show. In addition Season 2 will borrow from such Bosch books as The Drop and The Last Coyote. “They’re about 20 years old and needed to be updated with new storytelling,” said Connelly.

Season 2 also delves into Bosch’s personal life with his ex played by Sarah Clarke. Also, “an interesting woman played by Jeri Ryan” becomes a noirish addition to the cast per co-writer Eric Overmyer.

Connelly devised Bosch from an amalgam of detectives he knew throughout his years as a crime journalist at various newspapers. He sold the Bosch novels to Paramount back in the 1990s in hope that they would make it to the big screen, however, they sat on a shelf for a decade. “TV changed and became a place where you could do serialized, character effective stories. When I got (the rights to these) books back, I didn’t think about going to film,” said the author.

When it came to discussing the viewership figures for Bosch, the creators of the show seemed to be just as perplexed as any Netflix content creator: No specifics, but as long as the show is coming back, it’s doing fine.

Bosch returns to Amazon Prime on March 11.


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