Thursday 23 March 2017

Goodbye to Colin Dexter by Mike Ripley

Over on the main website, Mike Ripley has written a wonderful tribute to his old friend, Colin Dexter. Portions of this tribute are reproduced from Mike Ripley’s ‘Appreciation of Colin Dexter’ written for Bouchercon 26; updated on the death of Colin Dexter on 21st March 2017 and with previously unseen photographs.

Such as ...

"Even at designated literary events, we always seemed to find time for a beer. At a Shots On The Page convention in Nottingham, I arranged for Colin to pull the ceremonial first pint to mark the opening of a newly refurbished Home Brewery pub, and on one infamous occasion we were both guests of honour at a Boardroom luncheon in the King & Barnes brewery in Horsham in Sussex."

So can you really resist reading and seeing what the Ripster has to say?

Pop along to read the full tribute

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