Monday, 9 April 2018

No Exit Press to publish G F Newman’s Law and Order

Derek Martin (DI Fred Pyall &Ken Campbell (Alex Gladwell) L&O

Groundbreaking 1970s TV series to be aired for 40th anniversary on BBC Four this month.
No Exit Press are to publish GF Newman’s Law and Order, the controversial depiction of corruption in the criminal justice system, as an ebook in April, to tie in with the 40th anniversary screening of the TV series on BBC Four.
Based on the series, Law and Order is GF Newman’s thirteenth novel, and will be available from 6 April at £4.99 on Amazon and all online platforms. The corrupt Detective Inspector Fred Pyall is determined to nail local petty criminal Jack Lynn for an armed robbery at the gas board in Romford.  But is Lynn guilty as charged? Was he even at the scene? What of the bent brief Alex Gladwell, whose relationship with the police is all too cosy?  And when Lynn does go down with assistance from a heavily biased summing up from the judge, what hope does he have of rehabilitation through the prison system?
The TV series of Law and Order tells the story in four parts, each from a different point of view - the Metropolitan Police, the criminal, the solicitor and the prison system.  The BBC will screen all four feature-length episodes on BBC Four, weekly from 12 April.
Ion Mills, Managing Director, No Exit Press, says, ‘Law & Order was a truly ground-breaking novel when first published and we’re delighted to be making such an important work available again for new readers to discover    
GF Newman says,  I’m so pleased that No Exit Press will be publishing the book – they are a publishing house whom I’ve long admired.   The publication seems particularly timely in the light of the current crisis in the criminal justice system.  In 1978 the TV series created huge controversy, and also led to many changes in the system. But 40 years on, clearly, much more needs to be done.’

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