Monday, 2 September 2019

Bestselling crime authors Vaseem Khan and Abir Mukherjee launch new podcast, Red Hot Chilli Writers

A new podcast is being launched by bestselling crime authors Vaseem Khan (the Baby Ganesh Agency series) and Abir Mukherjee (the Wyndham and Banerjee novels) alongside four other British Asian writers: Ayisha Malik, Amit Dhand, Imran Mahmood and Alex Khan, with cameo appearances by Abir’s mum.
The Red Hot Chilli Writers will discuss books and writing, as well as the creative arts, pop culture, risqué humour and Big Fat Asian weddings. The podcast will feature big name interviews, alongside offering advice, on-air therapy and lashing of cultural anarchy: they dare to explore the parts that other podcasts cannot react.

Red Hot Chilli Writers will be available fortnightly via all podcast subscription platforms.

An introductory clip of the podcast can be heard here on SPOTIFY, iTunes and Spreaker

A video welcome from the hosts can be seen on the podcast website:

Vaseem Khan said: “This podcast is about building a cultural bridge between different communities within the creative industries, from readers and artists to publishers and agents.

Abir Mukherjee added: “Our aim is to have fun, be informative and create dialogue around topical issues. Diversity is a big deal in the arts right now, but who says we can’t tackle it with humour?

Vaseem Khan’s most recent publication is Bad Day at the Vulture Club (Hodder and Stoughton, £16.99)

Abir Mukherjee’s most recent publication is Smoke and Ashes (Vintage, £8.99)

For further information, or to enquire about guest booking, please contact Steven Cooper at Hodder: / 0203 122 7016

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