Thursday, 19 September 2019

Crime writers call for climate justice at Bloody Scotland

Top crime writers from around the world will be gathering to support the global call for action on climate change and invite you to join them on Saturday 20 September 1-1.30pm 

At the beginning of the worldwide week of #ClimateStrike (20-27 September), authors attending Scotland’s annual crime writing festival, Bloody Scotland in Stirling, will be gathering to support action on climate change which threatens the lives of people in the poorest countries. 

It has been organised by Jackie McLean, who volunteered at Bloody Scotland in the past and is now a crime writer herself who will be “In the Spotlight” as the support act for Chris Brookmyre and Michael Robotham. The action is fully supported by the Bloody Scotland board: 

Lin Anderson said: “Schoolchildren and students have taken to the streets in huge numbers.  Now they’re asking adults to join them to demand urgent action on climate change.” 

Abir Mukherjee said: "Action on climate change may be inconvenient for some - but for the most vulnerable people across the planet, it’s a life or death emergency.” 

Bob McDevitt, Director of Bloody Scotland said: “Crime writing is a powerful way of shining a spotlight on society, and many crime writers are passionate about the fight for social justice and tackling inequalities.  Bloody Scotland is proud to support the call for climate justice, in highlighting the impacts on those living in the poorest countries if we take no action.

The gathering will take place outside the Albert Halls in Stirling from 1-1.30pm on Saturday 20 September and will begin with a rallying call from international bestselling Scottish author and McIlvanney Prize finalist Denise Mina.

Denise Mina said: “Climate change is already affecting us all. It is essential in oil producing countries like ours that everyone strives to maintain loud, strident voices to keep climate change at the forefront of every decision and agenda, for the future of everyone.

Fellow McIlvanney Prize finalist, Manda Scott said: "I am genuinely delighted to be part of this action - I had been feeling raw and grieving at missing the actions in my home area so it’s both a relief and a joy to be able to join my fellow authors in an action of our own so that our voices can join the chorus across the world. We need to say as loudly as possible for as long as it takes for governments to take notice that there is no time left for inaction."

For further information or to arrange an interview with the organiser Jackie McLean or Denise Mina please contact

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