Thursday, 20 May 2010

Crimefest 2010 - Day 1 (Part 2)

So did I manage to get to the third panel of the day? Rather sadly I did not. What with having to stay in my room to wait for my luggage to turn up, for them to come and sort out the safe that was not working, along with the air condition that was not working I managed to miss the third panel Personality Crisis: Multiple series an collaborating authors. The panel members were Judith Cutler, Lyndon Stacey Michael Stanley along with participating moderator Charles Todd.

The only thing that I managed to take part in was the quiz and to be honest I really did not have any intention of taking part. I had my arm rather lightly twisted. Mike Stotter the editor of hots declined to take part and Ali Karim was banned from being a member of certain teams. I ended up being a member of "Team International" which consisted of myself, Peter Rozovsky and Maxim Jakubowski. We did not do too badly coming in second. I am not sure that I can believe Peter Gutteridge's comment that the questions were easy. Peter was quiz master so of course he is going to say this. It has however been rather nice catching up with various people. My friend Kirstie has been looking at me with astonishment. I did however warn her - I can't move walk very far without being stopped by various people wanting to say hello. So far since my first post I have seen and spoken to Lindsey Davis, Zoe Sharp, Steve Mosby (very, very briefly) of course Ali Karim and Mike Stotter, Linda Reagan, Karen Meek of Euro Crime fame and a number of others. It is now 11:00pm and I am trying to decide whether or not I am going to take myself back downstairs to the bar or call it a day. Who knows? You are just going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out what I decide to do! I am not sure what tomorrow will bring!

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