Thursday, 13 May 2010

Reporting Back From Quebec – “Roger That”

Roger [R.J.] Ellory has just returned back from Canada – again defying The Volcano collecting the Quebec Booksellers’ Prize for his disturbing novel, A Quiet Vendetta [Pictured].

Last year the award was given to Cormac McCarthy for 'The Road', and previously by Dennis Lehane for 'Mystic River'. This was the first time that an overseas author has had actually been present to receive the award.

It just goes to show that little prevents Roger from achieving his goals, like the years of writing before he saw publication, and now defying a volcano to collect this prestigious award, problem is that R J Ellory’s mantle-piece is getting a tad congested.

If you’ve never read Roger [R J] Ellory – it’s time you walked down his dark streets.

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