Sunday, 23 May 2010

Crimefest 2010 - Day 4 (Part 3) Final Hours

Okay, so the final hours have come and gone at Crimefest 2010. I managed to attend Jake Kerridge's interview with M C Beaton and Lindsey Davis. It was the kind of interview that was certainly worth settling down to and enjoying. Jake Kerridge had certainly done his homework. The banter between M C Beaton and Lindsey Davis was evident and it was more like listening to two old friends having a friendly chat whilst the odd question was thrown in than a formal interview.

The most anticipated panel for Sunday was of course Crossfire: Criminal Mastermind. Three crime writers and one crime fiction reviewer placed themselves in the spotlight and in the hands of Maxim Jakubowski as they took part in Criminal Mastermind. Martin Edwards was the returning winner from last year and this year he was up against Peter Guttridge, Ali Karim and Cara Black. As I indicated in an earlier post I would not be taking bets on whether or not anyone would be able to dethrone Martin. It was a really enjoyable panel even though I did find myself acting as time keeper on Maxim's behalf. I am not going to post the final results of Criminal Mastermind but I can tell you the final positions. In fourth place was Cara Black, in joint second place was Peter Guttridge and Ali Karim and as was expected in first place and thus retaining his title was Martin Edwards. Rather sadly we found out at the end of the quiz that it had been agreed before hand that if Martin Edwards were to retain his title then he would not be coming back next year to defend it. A shame but a decision that I can understand.

I am aware that I have not posted any pictures from Crimefest but I will be doing so over at the Shotsmag website in due course. A number of photographs were taken and look out for the picture of me alongside Tonino Benacquista.

Crimefest 2011 will take place between 19 and 22 May.

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The odds on Martin's winning would have been prohibitively short.
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