Friday, 21 May 2010

Crimefest 2010 Day 2 (Part 2)

I did manage to get myself up, dressed and have breakfast in time to get to the second panel of the day. My feet took me to the panel No More Heroes: Today’s Sleuths & Crime Solvers. Lindsay Davis who started it off by saying that she agreed with all the others excellently moderated this panel that the title of the panel was rubbish. Apparently (and I may have misheard) the titles were based on punk songs!
The panel members J G Goodhind, Pauline Rowson, Linda Regan and Neil White discussed their characters and amongst the issues talked about included whether or not their characters were heroes and if not why not and if they were why did they think so. The long-term plans of their characters were also raised. As to whether or not their characters are heroic or human is something that not only something the authors ponder about but also the readers.

The second panel that I have attended today is Grimly Fiendish: Whatever That Means! Donna Moore who made everyone read a short poem before they started moderated this panel. I think my favourite of all the poems was Steve Mosby’s Ode to Jack Reacher followed by Zoë Sharp’s A fate worse than death. It is at times difficult (in my opinion) to succinctly summarise what is said at panels. In this case I can only say that Donna Moore was a brilliant moderator and that it was clear that the panel members who were Zoë Sharp, Chris Ewan, Steve Mosby and Helen Fitzgerald were enjoying themselves from the banter and responses that the audience heard.

Lust for Life: What Turns You On was the first panel that I attended after lunch. Ably and promptly moderated by participating moderator Natasha “N J” Cooper the panel members consisted of Lindsay Davis, L C Tyler, Tom Harper and Laura Wilson. As one has come to expect from these panels so far, it was a delight to listen to all of the panel members and their take on not only what turns them on but also what in hindsight they would have done when they first started writing and a number of other interesting questions. It was interesting to hear Tom Harper say that the way in which he writes scenes of violence has changed since he became a father because it was literally the same thing that I had heard from Steve Mosby in the Grimly Fiendish panel.

Unfortunately – Giorgio Faletti has had to pull out of Crimefest due to ill health. Luckily for me I have an interview with Giorgio Faletti which will be posted on the Shots website once I have managed to sort it out. I can only say watch this space.
It has actually been quite fun meeting up with various people that I have not seen for sometime e.g. Caroline Carver, Priscilla Masters, Claire Seeber and Alison Bruce.
I also have to say thank you to Emily Bronstein for introducing me to Michael Stanley. Oh and before I forget – Ruth – Bill James has asked me to pass on his regards!
Later on this evening the Crimefest will be hosting the CWA Dagger Shortlist Announcement Party. Watch this space for the shortlist in due course. I have taken some pictures and promise to upload them soon!

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