Thursday 15 January 2009


It’s official: the Steig Larsson Phenomenon continues. The second book of the Millennium Trilogy, The Girl Who Played With Fire is the very FIRST translated hardback to reach the No. 1 position in history to date!

As a teaser, here’s a snippet from the upcoming interview on the SHOTS website between Ali Karim and Erland Larsson

AK:I read in the press that he wrote the Millennium books privately and didn’t
tell anyone?

EL: He did discuss the Millennium books with me, but I don’t know if he discussed them with anyone else. He told me about them, and sent me the manuscript for the first book and asked me for my opinion. I told him at the time that there was too much violence and sex in them. He told me that sex is selling. Then he sent me the second manuscript.

AK: Is that when you saw his talent?

EL :
Hey, I saw his talent when he was a boy that is why we bought him the typewriter. Two more years he continued writing the Millennium books but all the time he was working to expose the dangers of the Nazi’s in our midst. He used to come to London often and speak to Scotland Yard, as well as in Germany and Sweden – even speaking to Ministers and politicians.

Quercus/MacLehose Press has set up
a new Web site filled with interesting information about Larsson and his work.


Maxine Clarke said...

In fact on Amazon at the moment, Larsson 2 is no 1, and Larsson 1 is no 2, in the "crime and mystery" charts. We are really hoping that the translator, "Reg", and Tiina Nunnally will come to CrimeFest this year.....fingers crossed.

Mike Stotter said...

That's good news. Does anyone know whether or not this is a first either for a translated novel or an original language?

Yes, Hope Re and Tiina turn up at Crimefest. I'm sure Ali will be buying him a drink or three.

Ali Karim said...

Maxine / Mike -

'Reg Keeland' [non-de-plume] and I have been emailing each other this week and he is organising his Crimefest visit as we speak, and really hope he makes it as it will be good to hear the Dragon speak,