Monday, 1 December 2014

Bob Randisi moves into MCKENNA'S HOUSE

I have followed the tales of The West by the prolific Robert Randisi as well as our editor Mike Stotter for many years. Perhaps these two writers are better known for their work in the crime fiction genre; Bob being the originator of The Private Eye Writers of America [PWA] – administering the prestigious Shamus Awards, during the Annual Bouchercon weekend. While Mike Stotter apart from his own writing is an equally busy dude, as co-Director of Piccadilly Publishing, CWA Dagger Liaison officer, Editor-in-Chief of Shots Ezine as well as penning his own westerns – where do they find the time?

I was delighted to learn that some of Bob’s work is being published by Piccadilly Publishing – while back in the US, he has a very interesting new work out entitled MCKENNA’S HOUSE, not a Western, but a mystery tale, perfect for a winter's night, huddled by a roaring fire and a glass of Gin - so what’s in store for our insurance investigator?

After the death of his estranged father, middle-aged insurance investigator Lazarus McKenna leaves Chicago and moves into his father's house—the house he grew up in—and establishes his business in Omaha, NE. Eventually, his lonely life is invaded by a young woman and a small boy who may or may not be on the run. Finding them in a bus station, he takes them into his care—and home—on a cold winter night, hoping to discover what their trouble is so he can help them with it. At the same time he is hired by a woman to discover whether or not her murdered husband was cheating on her at the time of his death. McKenna's once boring, quiet life is shattered as both cases turn deadly. 

MCKENNA’S HOUSE is available to download from Shots via Amazon kindle here as well as from Smashwords platform here

If you’ve not read these writers tales of the West, then these links should give you an introduction

The Work of Robert J Randisi

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Top Photo (c) 2012 A Karim
"Bob Randisi and Mike Stotter attending the 2012 PWA Shamus Awards [held at sea] in Cleveland, Ohio during Bouchercon"

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